Steve Lafleur: There’s no such thing as a free bridge

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The government of Canada will absorb the entire cost. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. One important reason for this is the decline of the auto industry. Further shocks to either the auto industry or the broader world economy would ensure that the traffic levels required for any new bridge to be economically viable will not be reached. In a world of finite resources, it makes little sense to build something that the private sector would otherwise provide. And, indeed, the private sector would provide increased bridge capacity — if it were allowed to. He argues that there will be insufficient traffic to pay for the new bridge through tolls.

At the outset, on July 28, after 91 years of production, the last car rolled off the assembly line at the local General Motors plant. Then the following day, Ford Motor Company announced it will lay off nearly workers at its Windsor engine plant, early November 1. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. The lesson to be learned from Windsor Back to video Understandably, these acts were greeted with a mix of sadness, nostalgia, anger, and dread. Laid-off workers worry about paying the mortgage; families fear their children will allow to leave town to find jobs; businesses grapple with the predicted beating of revenue. The reaction from the Canadian Auto Workers Union, however, tells a different story. It reveals a good deal about the modern attitude toward clandestine business: that it needs public capital — aka corporate welfare — en route for succeed. Indeed, over the past 40 years, federal and local administrations arrange both sides of the border allow pumped billions of dollars into the Big Three automakers.

Edward Snowden is a former National Collateral Agency subcontractor who made headlines all the rage when he leaked top-secret information a propos NSA surveillance activities. Who Is Edward Snowden? Snowden collected top-secret documents a propos NSA domestic surveillance practices that he found disturbing and leaked them. Newspapers began printing the documents that he had leaked, many of them detailing the monitoring of American citizens. The U. Snowden has found asylum all the rage Russia and continues to speak a propos his work.

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He spent most of his career all the rage the shadow of much larger after that more visible personalities—serving as a answer aide to Cyber Command's founding boss and visionary, Keith Alexanderand working below Mike Rogers' volatile tenure at Castle Meade—and he now studiously avoids awareness amid the chaos and controversies of Donald Trump's Washington. Not surprisingly, the NSA's public affairs office would not make Nakasone available for an conference. But this article draws on add than 50 hours of interviews along with some three dozen current and early officials from the White House, administration, intelligence agencies, and the military—including a half-dozen fellow generals—as well as Capitol Hill leaders, outside observers, and alien intelligence partners; nearly all of them asked to speak anonymously in array to discuss sensitive intelligence, operational, after that personnel topics. Their insights into Nakasone, and the story of how he ended up atop Fort Meade, don't just help explain how America is planning to fight the next battle online—they help explain the wars it is already fighting.


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