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Joe play a very integral role within this movie. Joe Origins opening July 23rd, Paramount Pictures has launched their marketing campaign with the just released teaser trailer showing Henry Golding in action as Snakes Eyes. While the teaser gives us a brief glimpse at Golding as the popular G. Joe character, a lot is still unknown about the upcoming origin film. Fortunately, I recently landed an exclusive interview with Golding and was able to ask him a number questions that I believe the fans want to know. There's a moment where they're sworn enemies. There's moments where they work together to fight an equal sort of enemy.

Although this time — and luckily designed for binge-watchers — the zany comedy is running on Netflix instead of NBC, where it was originally conceived. Age caught up with the actress a minute ago before 13 episodes of season 1 began streaming on Netflix on Advance 6. Is it different now devoid of Tina in front of the camera with you? Were you disappointed after NBC dropped the show, or blissful to test the waters at Netflix? We all found out sort of after the fact that the agreement was done, and as I assume has been written about, it happened very quickly, in like two before three days. I look forward en route for the creative freedom that we bidding get from going to Netflix after that year. One of the great things about Netflix is that you be able to binge-watch. Are you a binge-watcher?


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