Cougars Puma concolor

Cougar looking 596741

What does it take to become an officially confirmed sighting? The photo must be of a cougar. Many photos turn out to be other animals caught in a position in which they look like a cougar. Often perception in a photo can be distorted, making house cats and bobcats appear cougar like.

Accomplish yourself big, use a loud ability to speak, maintain eye contact and back absent slowly, said Faith Heaton Jolley along with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Smith's wife said her husband couldn't think of anything else after returning home. He just kept talking a propos how scared he was and went over it over and over all over again, said JaNae Smith. They will additionally eat elk, antelope, small mammals after that birds. Remove wildlife attractants from your property, including pet food, water sources, bird feeders and fallen fruit. But your property and landscaping are alluring to deer and other wildlife, cougars may follow the wildlife into your property while searching for prey. Accomplish not leave children outside unattended, above all at dawn and dusk. As a deterrent, install outside and motion aware lighting around your property.


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