Eddie Betts

Female from Port Lincoln 387956

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Adelaide metro participant. Yalata participant. Port Lincoln participant. An Adelaide metro participant summed it up; Being there for your children, especially through their milestones, chipping in in their experiences as they become adult up, being there when they confidently graduate, guiding them through school, body there for their birthdays, under a few circumstances try to be there all the rage their life, have a presence all the rage their life. Being present, involved after that there for their children under a few and all circumstances were echoed as a result of most of the men throughout the four focus-groups across all four regions. This reaffirmed that these parents understood the importance and significance of their role in the family unit after that as parents. However, it was accepted that being a dad was not always the easiest role to achieve. I still changed nappies and belongings like that, but I was add sort of doing stuff around body supportive, whereas the mum was accomplishment the more of the direct belongings. I did more of the belongings around the edges … Both my kids breast fed as well, after that it was almost like they were attached to their mum all the time.

Although in Port Lincoln, Betts' off-field action was an issue, which included smoking, drinking, drugs and truancy. He was too young to be selected all the rage the AFL draft at the aim of , and he played a different season with the Cannons, but was hindered by osteitis pubis. He was overlooked in the National Draft at the same time as a result. He kicked 19 goals in 19 games in , before a live audience as a permanent small forward after that becoming a fan favourite.


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