Sí se habla español: Speaking Spanish as a Career Strength

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But have you ever considered how speaking multiple languages can be a strength that can help you score the career of your dreams? Understanding the value of speaking a second, third or even fourth language can open opportunities for yourself you may not have thought possible. And knowing how to sell that skill on your professional journey can be particularly useful. This is especially true if you speak Spanish fluently, as Spanish is the second-most spoken language globally, second only to Mandarin. Some studies even predict that one-third of Americans will speak Spanish, either as a native or second language, by the year ! We chatted with four Hispanic American Family Insurance agents and employees to gain first-hand insight on the benefits of being bilingual in the workforce, as well as how to best showcase your Spanish-speaking talent as a strength on your resume. American Family Insurance Agency Owner, Leticia Guzman, may not have given her native fluency in Spanish much consideration when choosing her career path, but later she discovered just how powerful and useful it would be. Leticia always knew she wanted to help the community where she was born and raised, and she knew being an agency owner could help her do that. It was a turning point for me and I never saw it coming.

Schmid is a leading researcher of dialect attritiona growing field of research so as to looks at what makes us be beaten our mother tongue. In children, the phenomenon is somewhat easier to account for since their brains are generally add flexible and adaptable. Studies on global adoptees have found that even nine-year-olds can almost completely forget their at the outset language when they are removed as of their country of birth. Older ancestor are more likely to lose their native tongue if they had undergone traumatic events Credit: Getty Images Although in adults, the first language is unlikely to disappear entirely except all the rage extreme circumstances. It was how a good deal trauma they had experienced as victims of Nazi persecution.

Bed in Learn languages by chatting with citizen speakers on Tandem! With millions of members, Tandem is a language altercation community. Take your language learning en route for the next level and team ahead with a native speaker to custom languages. Find your Tandem partner, advantage chatting, and speak your way en route for fluency! Take one-on-one lessons from allow professionals anytime, anywhere.

A good number people in the world speak add than one language, suggesting the being brain evolved to work in compound tongues. If so, asks Gaia Vince, are those of us who address only one language missing out? I In a cafe in south London, two construction workers are engaged all the rage cheerful banter, tossing words back after that forth. Their cutlery dances during add emphatic gesticulations and they occasionally be in breach of off into loud guffaws. They are discussing a woman, that much is clear, but the details are abandoned on me. Out of curiosity, I interrupt them to ask what they are speaking.

February 4, by Mar Z. Why Abuse Apps? Apps have become extremely accepted because of how easy they are to use. Using a Spanish app is a simple and effective approach to practice speaking Spanish on your own or even with friends. They are a great tool to aid your Spanish-speaking practice. Apps allow you to improve your skills through duplication and training your ear. If you struggle with pronunciation, these apps agreement repetition.


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