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In an experimental study, U. Results indicated that stereotypes about communality persist and were equally prevalent for male and female raters, but agency characterizations were more complex. Male raters generally descibed women as being less agentic than men and as less agentic than female raters described them. However, female raters differentiated among agency dimensions and described women as less assertive than men but as equally independent and leadership competent. Both male and female raters rated men and women equally high on instrumental competence. Gender stereotypes were also evident in self-characterizations, with female raters rating themselves as less agentic than male raters and male raters rating themselves as less communal than female raters, although there were exceptions no differences in instrumental competence, independence, and sociability self-ratings for men and women. Introduction There is no question that a great deal of progress has been made toward gender equality, and this progress is particularly evident in the workplace. There also is no question that the goal of full gender equality has not yet been achieved — not in pay AAUW, or position level Catalyst,

Allocate Take, for example, the common certainty that women are more committed en route for family than men are. Research austerely does not support that notion. Erstwhile research, too, makes it clear so as to men and women do not allow fundamentally different priorities. Numerous studies act that what does differ is the treatment mothers and fathers receive after they start a family. If men do ask, say, for a lighter travel schedule, their supervisors may bring to a halt them some slack—but often grudgingly after that with the clear expectation that the reprieve is temporary.

We asked them to tell us how they defined success when they graduated from HBS and how they characterize it now, and they gave akin responses. This is unsurprising, given so as to only a few years have elapsed since they graduated, and most of their working lives are still ahead of time of them. Today, however, family bliss, relationships, and balancing life and act, along with community service and plateful others, are much more on the minds of Generation X and Babe Boomers. Two examples are illustrative. At once I think of success much differently: Raising happy, productive children, contributing en route for the world around me, and pursuing work that is meaningful to me.


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