Who are you calling a bitch?

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You might know me from my work at Ms. But I was allowed to listen to the Spice Girls over and over and over again, and replay their messages of empowerment wrapped in pure girly delight at max volume. MOM: We can do it all. I still remember the words to all of their songs. I still remember their real names and their stage names. I still remember the ring on the CD that basically burned off because of how often I put it into my stereo. I still remember painting a likeness of Baby Spice onto a CD case at a birthday party. I still remember girl power.

Books Who are you calling a bitch? It's an insult often thrown by women who are strong, ambitious after that outspoken. Girls are bossy and become adult into women who nag, while boys of all ages are authoritative after that natural-born leaders. When men go absent for a drink together it is considered positive social interaction or networking; when women get together they big mouth. But the stereotype that many women hate the most is bitch. Men bitch too, of course, only all the rage their case it is dubbed Connive with a palpable hint of abide by or they are hailed for their acerbic wit.

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