These are the 10 modern explorers you need to know

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Why Choose Us? Our Explorer Chicks Explorer Chicks are fierce, strong women who expect to return home from adventure tours with a few scrapes and bruises along with revived gratitude for life. Together, we are community of supportive women drawn together by challenging adventure. We are real women who want to embark on real adventures. Our Adventures We look at an adventure travel destination through the eyes of our eight-year-old daring selves. We think, What is the most fun and immersive way to play in this location? The result is BOLD travel that is proudly not mainstream, but challenging, empowering, and life changing. Our Team Give Explorer Chicks what they never dreamed possible.

Able-bodied, try learning an adventure sport at the same time as the only Black woman or trans non-binary femme in a mostly ashen male community. These are high attempt activities that require your full awareness. The problem is racism, microaggressions, queerphobia and institutional racism are all distractions. We so often focus on reasons why Black people should try escapade sports. Despite your best efforts, assembly friends can be difficult in an outdoor space where no one also looks like you. When you ask them to a training session before out for coffee, they find reasons not to attend. They appreciate your company within the context of a specific outdoor activity, but would by no means consider you as a friend before potential partner.


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