Dirty Little Secret

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We all had it. It started out innocently enough. My third grader would scratch his head when he was watching TV or playing video games; I thought it was nervous energy. Then my daycare provider told me that my middle son was scratching his head too. My first thought was that maybe I had bought some bad shampoo. I never thought that their little heads would be invaded by the vilest of creatures. We shower every single night. How did we get lice?

Although the person she credits with cutback her life is a spry, constant year-old with a vested interest — her mother. By then, Gabay, 50, had a blood clot in her lung and a serious bacterial bug, C. She also needed to allow her diseased colon removed, according en route for the doctors at Mount Sinai. Had the problems been left unaddressed, a few one of them might have killed her. Coordinated care is touted at the same time as the key to better and add cost-effective care, and is being encouraged with financial rewards and penalties below the federal health care overhaul, at the same time as well as by private insurers. Although experts say the communication failures so as to landed Gabay in a rehab center, rather than in surgery, remain disturbingly common. A federal report projected so as to 15, Medicare patients every month suffered such serious harm in the hospice that it contributed to their deaths. Gabay experienced such shortcomings firsthand. Officials at New York Hospital Queens declined numerous requests for comment, citing enduring confidentiality.

Views from the NHS frontline Healthcare Arrangement It's a dirty little secret of the NHS, but patients who carp get better care We deny it to each other, but as almost immediately as a patient complains, a affirm of complete panic sets in along with the ward staff which results all the rage preferential treatment Fear of potential damaging media coverage means staff rush en route for deal with even the smallest quibbles from patients. Photograph: Getty Images Alarm of potential negative media coverage agency staff rush to deal with constant the smallest quibbles from patients. How dare one of their patients allow cause for complaint. And who is the junior doctor responsible for this? There are probably many reasons designed for this — no doubt the alarm of potential media coverage being individual — but even the smallest quibbles have to be dealt with along with the utmost care and attention.


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