Factors influencing young women’s contraceptive choices

Meeting a woman aged 426763

Social context Family Many women discussed contraception with family but expressed that this did not influence their choices. P4 You hide those things away from your parents. P11 I trust my friends [ P8 Internet The internet was regularly used to gain knowledge of options or to better understand potential side effects. Some women drew directly from reliable resources; however, most sought information from forums or blogs.

Conceptual Objective This study aimed to affect the frequency of mouthwash use after that its association to oral sex custom in heterosexuals. Design A cross-sectional analyse. Setting Data obtained from a sexual health clinic in Victoria, Australia, amid March and April Participants Heterosexual men and women attending the sexual health clinic answered a survey using computer-assisted self-interview. Primary and secondary conclusion measures Univariable and multivariable logistic debility were performed to examine the alliance between frequent mouthwash use ie, day after day or weekly mouthwash use and by word of mouth sex practices including tongue kissing, fellatio, cunnilingus and insertive rimming. Results Around were heterosexuals included in the analysis: Of participants, There was no significant difference in the amount of frequent mouthwash users between men and women


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