Curves International

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Curves — one of the largest women-only gyms in the country — was, to my mind, exactly what I needed to finally be able to fit into the size-zero jeans my peers wore. That never ended up happening. Instead, there was my yearly physical, with its annual reminder that I was, according to my BMI, obese. Never mind that I was healthy by all other metrics and participated in sports year-round; never mind that I was strong for my age and gender. To the world, I was fat and unfit and had to go to the gym as penance. There was something so intimidating about those male gym regulars. The idea of one taking notice of my existence in their space, their domain? As a preteen with no idea how to even talk to boys her own age, working out with full-grown men was not going to happen. Curves became synonymous with women-only gyms and, at its peak, was one of the fastest-growing franchises not only in the country but also globally.

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