Peacock TV: What to know to stream Yellowstone's past seasons and more

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Peacock TV is NBCUniversal's US streaming app, with tens of thousands of hours of free programming, plus more shows, movies, sports and originals if you pay. The show's new fourth season is out, but these new episodes aren't available on Peacock -- at least, not for a while. Peacock was one of a flood of new streaming services from tech and media giants that launched over the last two years. But Peacock is unusual among these rivals in that it has this free tier. It's also unusual among the crop of new services in that it has live sports and news; most of the newest streaming services are focused squarely on video-on-demand entertainment along the lines of Netflix. Other differences: Peacock has channels of TV, but these aren't livestreams of its networks. Instead, they're curated feeds of shorter programming or full episodes, organized around themes. So is Peacock worth paying for? All the finer details are below, but basically: Thanks to the free tier, it doesn't cost anything to try it out for yourself.

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