Policy on preventing sexual and gender-based harassment

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Metrics details Abstract Low sexual desire in women partnered with men is typically presumed to be a problem—one that exists in women and encourages a research agenda on causation and treatment targeting women. In this paper, we present a distinct way forward for research on low sexual desire in women partnered with men that attends to a more structural explanation: heteronormativity. A heteronormative worldview assumes that relationships and structures are heterosexual, gender usually conflated with sex is binary and complementary, and gender roles fit within narrow bounds including nurturant labor for women. We propose the heteronormativity theory of low sexual desire in women partnered with men, arguing that heteronormative gender inequities are contributing factors.

Dominika A. Maison Faculty of Psychology, Academe of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland In contemporary times, the changes occurring in the social role of women and men have been observed. Traditionally, the dominating social role of the woman was as housewife, and that of the man was focused on work after that family maintenance. Nowadays, the social character of women is evolving in the direction of taking a profession, although increasingly men are taking care of the household. Three experimental studies were conducted. The results showed that activating the non-traditional social role raised the propensity to spend funds on products and services for individual use after that reduced the willingness to buy cargo for collective use shared with erstwhile members of the household. Introduction The traditional social roles of women after that men have remained unchanged for a lot of years Barska, ; Diekman and Goodfriend, The traditional social role of women is that of the female of the house, taking care of the family, being focused on children and their happiness.

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