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Kym Klass Montgomery Advertiser Middle-age women who cheat on their husbands are looking for passion and sex, but don't want to divorce their husbands over it, a recent study shows. But local Montgomery counselor Charlene Hall said claiming passion and sex as the reason is a popular culture statement. It's a mystery romance. There's marriages that are fraught with a lot of negative emotion from the beginning. The romantic encounter -- the other person understands something you're doing, and your partner at home doesn't understand. And the conclusions challenge the popular conception that women cheat because they generally are unhappy with their relationships, lead author Eric Anderson, a professor of sport, masculinity and sexuality at the University of Winchester in England, said.

Abide, for instance, a research study absent of The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, which found that among participants with an average age of 31, there were no significant gender differences in the report of infidelity 23 percent of men vs. Further fact out of the GSS showed so as to the percentage of women who bamboozle rose nearly 40 percent from en route for while men's adultery rate held balanced at 21 percent. The reason designed for the uptick in women who cheat? Some attribute it to the increased responsibilities and therefore increased needs after that wants of the modern woman. Empowered by feminist viewpoints and financial abandon, women are less likely to compromise—and better positioned to seek out the emotional and sexual gratification that's absent in their relationship.


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