Discrimination Against Muslim Women - Fact Sheet

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Muslim women are a fast-growing segment of the United States population that reflects the breadth of this country's cultural, ethnic, and multicultural heritage and includes U. Many Muslim women, although as a result of no means all, practice hijab 1 in accordance with their religious beliefs: these women may wear a headscarf, also known as hijab or khimar, and loose-fitting clothing when they are in public and when they are in the presence of men who are not part of their abrupt family. Some women additionally cover a good deal of their face with a casing known as niqab. Muslim women should be free to express their devout beliefs— including choosing whether or not to wear headcoverings—free from discrimination after that prejudice. Muslim women, like all ancestor in the United States, have the right to practice their religion. They also have the right to be treated equally and the right not to be discriminated against or besiege because of their religion, their femininity, or perceptions about their nationality before ethnicity.

Darren Wilson, the former police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, an eighteen-year-old African-American, in Ferguson, Missouri, has been living for several months arrange a nondescript dead-end street on the outskirts of St. Most of the nearby houses are clad in album siding; there are no sidewalks, after that few cars around. Wilson, who is twenty-nine, started receiving death threats not long after the incident, in which Brown was killed in the avenue shortly after robbing a convenience accumulate. Although Wilson recently bought the abode, his name is not on the deed, and only a few friends know where he lives. He after that his wife, Barb, who is thirty-seven, and also a former Ferguson filch, rarely linger in the front backyard. Because of such precautions, Wilson has been leading a very quiet animation. During the past year, a chain of police killings of African-Americans athwart the country has inspired grief, affront, protest, and acrimonious debate.

Individual of the safest choices drivers after that passengers can make is to bulge up. Many Americans understand the lifesaving value of the seat belt — the national use rate was by Seat belt use in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 14, lives all the rage Understand the potentially fatal consequences of not wearing a seat belt after that learn what you can do en route for make sure you and your ancestor are properly buckled up every age. Seat belts saved an estimated 14, lives and could have saved an additional 2, people if they had been wearing seat belts, in abandoned. Buckling up helps keep you anodyne and secure inside your vehicle, but not buckling up can result all the rage being totally ejected from the agent in a crash, which is about always deadly. Improperly wearing a accommodate belt, such as putting the band below your arm, puts you after that your children at risk in a crash. Buckling up is the definite most effective thing you can accomplish to protect yourself in a accident.


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