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A decade ago, Strauss was a notorious figure: the guy who wrote that book The Gamethe one about seduction, which seemed to endorse all manner of queasy notions about what it was OK for men to do on the pull. It sold 2. These days, at 46, Strauss is different. It used to be that Strauss arranged seminars for men on how to become better players. Now, he arranges seminars for them on how to become better men. The shiny suits are gone in favour of a Pacific-side uniform of surfer T, loose wristbands, espadrilles. He fits right in, this lazy afternoon, with the crowd hanging around outside a Malibu coffee shop. While waiting for his drink, Strauss falls into conversation with a group that includes two middle-aged tourists and a young woman. The woman is in her 20s — tanned, blond, wearing denim short-shorts.

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