From GI Joe to GI Jane: Christine Jorgensen’s Story

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Her story has influenced many others and helped redefine gender identity. Courtesy of Wikicommons. What followed was the fascinating story of Christine Jorgensen. Jorgensen, who served in the US Army during and after World War II, became the first American transgender woman to attain fame for having sex reassignment surgery. The article celebrated her heroism during the war and embraced her feminine qualities, such as her hair and fashionable clothes. Interestingly, the article was published ina time when gay and lesbian WWII veterans were often stripped of their medals and fired from their jobs because of who they loved.

The teenager was wrestling with identity issues many people go their entire lives without thinking about. She hoped so as to if she could at least consume her life working toward equality, she would eventually feel complete. By her junior year she was elected apprentice government president. During her term she advocated for gender-neutral housing on property and the creation of a Sexuality and Queer Studies minor. This is torturous, she thought, I cannot carry on to experience life like this. It was getting to the point en route for where it was difficult to acquire through a single day. I was exhausted. Sarah was wrestling with how to come out to her ancestor.

But shame has been studied less all the rage connection with gender variance. Shame has however intrigued philosophers, writers and artists for a very long time. But, the importance of the contribution of various disciplines to the understanding of the experience of shame in at risk individuals has been overlooked. This article attempts to explore the meaning of shame for transgender individuals, by assembly reference not only to clinical studies, but also to artworks and bookish novels. However, with some exception en route for be found in queer literature Munt, ; Probyn, ; Probyn, a ; Probyn, ; Sedgwick, , there is paucity of systematic studies of the experience of shame in transgender individuals. For example, what triggers shame all the rage the particular case of transgender individuals at various stages of their animation and of their journey towards admission and transition, how shame is knowledgeable in various context in the ancestor, at school for younger transgender ancestor, in the work place, in the group of peers, in intimate relationships , what coping mechanisms are as a rule implemented, what the impact of bring into disrepute is likely to be on the psychological welfare of transgender individuals, continue scarcely explored. Clinical psychology has started being interested in shame as a unique emotion only relatively recently, about since the s, and shame, at the same time as we shall see later in better detail, has been studied mainly all the rage connection with trauma, domestic abuse, affliction and sexual orientation.

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