U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve

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Around are approximately 46, active-duty Coast Defence men and women currently serving. But you choose to join their ranks, you may find yourself hanging as of a helicopter to save a bonnet in the Atlantic, running down medicine runners off the Florida Coast, before stopping polluters from ruining our central lakes and waterways. As a Beach Guardsmen, you could be flying all the rage a helicopter over a hurricane adversity area or sailing on a harvester guarding New York Harbor. You could be cruising in a high-power Advocate Class boat in the Pacific before breaking through an ice-ladened port all the rage Alaska. If you become part of a Coast Guard crew, know so as to you will serve where your Beach Guard skills are most needed. But you choose to become a reservist, you will usually serve close en route for home, however, you may get deployed when necessary.

Ballot Bureau data. Not only are women more likely to be mothers than in the past, but they are having more children. Overall, women allow 2. And among those who are mothers, family size has also ticked up. In , mothers at the end of their childbearing years had had about 2. The recent advance in motherhood and fertility might appear to run counter to the belief that the U. The analysis at this juncture is based on a cumulative amount of lifetime fertility, the number of births a woman has ever had; meantime, reports of declining U. This change has been driven in amount by declines in births to adolescence.


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