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Meanwhile, only 49 percent of women say the same. Some attribute the circumstance to a difference in libido. Others point to gendered roles that unfold during sex. And, some, to a lack of information out there about female sexual anatomy. A survey of more than 52, adults found that lesbian women bring their wives and girlfriends to orgasm quite frequently. Another study found that heterosexual women are almost always able to reach orgasm during masturbation. So, what can men do to close the marriage-orgasm gap? What should you focus 0n more in and out of the bedroom, and what should you focus on less? In the interest of making sex more pleasurable for all women, here are some advice on and about the female orgasm.

We may earn money from the acquaintance on this page. Jul 7, Getty The longer you're in a affiliation with someone, the more likely it is that some behaviors will accident by the wayside. You'll get actual about bodily functions, about how acrimonious you are, about how your underwear never actually matches. And maybe, so as to extra effort you put into flirting and touching — and passionate, artistic, kinky sex — will fizzle absent as well. The mythology around continuing relationships and marriage is not a minute ago that they get more comfortable although that they get boring sexually, at the same time as people stop trying so hard. Individual act that has a rep designed for completely disappearing the longer you're along with someone? The blow job.

Fellatio, blow jobs, going downtown, giving head—we blush a bit just printing the words. But inmen are hardly bashful. At the end of date add up to three, they went home together. A few minutes into making out, recalls Holly, He tells me, You're such a good kisser. I can barely imagine what else you can accomplish with your mouth. Undeterred, John asked a second time; Holly said denial. He walked her to her carriage, and she never heard from him again. John's assumption that he'd acquire a BJ on the third date? You could call it in a sort of Seinfeld-ian way the additional BJE, or blow job expectation.


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