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In Her Enemy At The AltarVirginia Heath impressed me with her ability to craft an enjoyable story, create complex, likeable characters and to deliver a romance that is sensual and emotionally nuanced. Although she is the daughter of a viscount, Amelia Mansfield heartily dislikes any and all aristocrats — with good reason, as the reader will come to know. It will save you a great deal of time not having to correct her. Amelia fully expects to find the duke to be dull, pompous and overbearing, so the fact that she finds herself strongly attracted to him is both unwelcome and annoying. But on the few occasions she converses with him, she gradually discovers him to be charming, and, most surprisingly, quite shy, leading her to suspect that beneath the detached and unemotional face he presents to the world is a sensitive, passionate man who holds back his emotions because he believes they weaken him. Bennett Montague, sixteenth Duke of Aveley has spent practically his entire adult life following in the footsteps of his father, an austere, extremely correct and upstanding man who took his duty as a member of the government very seriously and who worked tirelessly in service of his country.

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After that everyone in the room knew at once that she did see. Sophie hazarded a smile in their direction. The smaller one smiled back, but the older one, whose hair was the color of spun gold, took her cue from her mother, pointed her nose in the air, and looked firmly away. Sophie gulped and smiled again at the friendly girl, although this time the little girl chewed on her lower lip in hesitancy and then cast her eyes toward the floor. Right next to Sophie.


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