Can Smoking Cigarettes Cause Impotence?

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What does the research show? While ED tends to be more common as men get older, it can develop at any adult age. A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that ED is more likely in men who smoked compared with those who never did. But in younger men with ED, cigarette smoking is very likely the cause.

Your brain on marijuana Story highlights A few people experience increased anxiety when using marijuana; others find it has the opposite effect Aphrodisiac qualities of cannabis seem to occur only in at a low level to moderate doses, one expert says Ian Kerner is a licensed couples therapist, writer and contributor on the topic of sex for CNN. CNN In the movie Annie Hall, the titular character likes to smoke a joint at bedtime because, she says, it relaxes her and helps acquire her in the mood for femininity -- even though her boyfriend claims it cheapens the experience. Although there's a difference between dependency and augmentation, Annie might have been on en route for something. Researchers are beginning to analyse the link between cannabis and sexual desire , with some interesting results. Although this research didn't show affect and effect, it raises an appealing question: What's the connection between femininity and marijuana?

Delve into suggesting that marijuana may heighten women's experience in the bedroom. Read altogether about the latest gym openings, beneficial events, and fitness trends in our twice weekly Wellness newsletter. Photo by Getty Images Amanda, a Boston-based healthcare professional, has been experimenting with marijuana on and off for six years. Becky Lynn, who sees women along with problems ranging from low libido en route for painful sex to difficulty with orgasm as director of the Center designed for Sexual Health at Saint Louis Academe, first noticed this trend among patients a couple years ago.


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