50 Amazing Things to Do in Western Australia

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Injidup Spa Whale Watching What can we possibly say about Dunsborough to help you understand how amazing this place is? While we love the South West in general, Dunsborough is our personal favourite. Spend a day here exploring all that this little slice of paradise has to offer. On the opposite side of the Cape is Sugarloaf Rock which is a brilliant spot to watch sunset. If all of this beach hopping makes you thirsty then head to Eagle Bay Brewery which serves up some delicious craft beers and they also serve a great burger.

Ahead of we headed off to Esperance, I was telling my mates about our trip and no-one had any aim where it was. Pristine turquoise waters, white squeaky sand, kangaroos on the beach and a destination away as of the city. What else can you ask for? Catch those rays all the rage the summer or go whale examination in the winter. You can dash, catch a coach bus or accomplish a road trip, whichever you choose. Albany is a 4h 40m ambition from Perth and a 5h ambition from Esperance.

Flying the five hours from Sydney en route for Perth is no easy feat: it's literally quicker to fly over the whole European continent. I guess the lack of appeal surrounding the west coast is understandable The downside? It can generally be broken down addicted to three different parts, and here are the things you must include arrange your itinerary. Why not ease by hand into it by starting your caper travelling down south of Perth. You'll enter the cooler-climate wine country, brook region, and southern-facing beaches. While you could take the inland route, we suggest driving along the coast en route for soak in as much of south-western Australia as possible. The drive as of Perth to Esperance takes eight hours as a straight shoot. But we suggest giving yourself at least a week to really experience all the magical sights, delicious foods, and amazing beaches the south has to agreement.

At this juncture are the most awesome things en route for do in Esperance! Sand that absolutely literally shimmers in the sunlight. The town of Esperance is surrounded as a result of epic stretches of beach, but the best of the scenery is en route for be found just a short ambition along the coast, within the Cloak Le Grand National Park. The citizen park covers a huge, wild area of coast, featuring white sand beaches, bays and even a few bundle peaks. The outdoor opportunities here are endless, with camping, fishing and climbing to name just a few of the activities you can get ahead to in the national park. The town is surrounded by amazing character and the national park is the most impressive out of the Esperance attractions. This long, wide bay is fringed by a white sand coast and granite outcrops. A resident inhabitant of kangaroos have made their abode on the beach and are maybe the tamest, friendliest animals you capacity meet in Australia. Looking for a different epic beach destination in WA?


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