Sex toys sales up as brothels take a hit

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All Most Germans are spending much more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. That means good news for some in the sex industry and bad news for others. Rising sales figures at many online erotic shops suggest what some healthy Germans told to lock down at home are doing in some of their free time. But on the flip side, the crisis is hitting the livelihoods of many sex workers hard. Sex toys, for example, are selling particularly well. The number of orders placed with the online erotic shop www. Vibrators are particularly popular at the moment. A spokesperson for erotic outlet Orion said its online shop had also seen increased sales.

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Notes: All models adjusted for the alike covariates listed in Table 3. Figures in parentheses are standard errors. Attitudinal variables also acted as mediators. Condom use intentions were the strongest arbitrator of parenting in the condom abuse model, and their inclusion reduced the coefficients for supportive relationship 0. It partially mediated other associations; for case, when it was added to the model of delayed intercourse, the coefficient for TV rules was reduced although still statistically significant.


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