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Meanwhile, only 49 percent of women say the same. Some attribute the circumstance to a difference in libido. Others point to gendered roles that unfold during sex. And, some, to a lack of information out there about female sexual anatomy. A survey of more than 52, adults found that lesbian women bring their wives and girlfriends to orgasm quite frequently. Another study found that heterosexual women are almost always able to reach orgasm during masturbation. So, what can men do to close the marriage-orgasm gap?

Opportunities to do so become even scarcer when it comes to matters of sex and intimacy. There is individual place where men commonly reveal their truth. Abraham Morgentaler understands this. The discussion touches on all matters of sex and intimacy. And, according en route for Morgentaler, much of the information so as to flies around the four walls of the exam room stands to blow apart long-standing beliefs regarding performance and the way men experience pleasure. Fatherly beam to Dr. Morgentaler about his additional book and what society generally gets wrong about men and sex. Can you repeat that? happens behind closed doors with my patients is really so different as of the stereotypes of men that act in movies, in stories, in newspapers, et cetera. And I thought it was worth sharing that.

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