50 Fun Things to Do Outside as a Family

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What's more, when girls consistently participate in organized outdoor activities, they grow their leadership skills and make more friends. The positive effects of nature are even more pronounced for girls from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Try these six super-easy ways to connect you and your girl with nature, the outdoors, and each other. Start off simply: invite your girl to go outside and explore.

Published on: November 05, Photo: Girls about to to play outside in the bleak. Credit: Rachel McClary My 3-year-old loves to be outdoors, no matter the weather. I often find her along with a disappointed face this time of year when she looks outside after that discovers that it is already bleak. I also feel for my eldest daughter. By the time she has finished school, worked on her assignment or practiced her instrument, it is pitch-dark outside. She misses out arrange the outdoor fun the younger ones have had had during the calendar day. There's no doubt it's harder designed for parents to encourage their children en route for play outside in the winter months due to the lack of crack of dawn hours. But what if we could find things to play that would only work in the dark?


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