My submissive experience

Mistress seeking 498333

What follows here is only my opinion. To be honest, I value good manners in every person. It goes beyond just being Canadian with politeness bred into my bones. At the risk of over-simplifying it, it really can be that simple. Just putting the Dommes needs before his own. Taking a slightly different angle, think of it as being cared for. You get pleasure from knowing you have made her happy. In a similar way as you would feel if you were caring for a sick person, a young person, someone who needs your help, a pet, a wounded animal, etc. If you helped someone change a tire, you would feel good.

This was started months earlier this day, but I suppose its better collective here than put into the cancel pile. I am occasionally shy en route for talk about my bondage because I told myself I am bad by it. I am not, and tying up Silver in a Vancouver bar room was the kind of meta empowering I know is going en route for stick with me until I am old. I took a lot of pictured for posterity, even filmed us playing by carefully setting my buzz on a tripod. When we watched the clip together later, you could hear me saying over and above again: pretty, pretty, pretty. He was the prize, I the winner. I take a good enough selfie after that know where I sit on the matter of the artifice of performed beauty. The ability to put him as the object, in rope of my design made me the beater.


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