Where Is Gabby? Fla. Cops Say Fiancé of Missing NY Woman Refuses to Talk Is Person Of Interest

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As such, on the advice of counsel Mr. Bertolino called the person of interest label a formality that has not really changed the circumstances of Mr. Laundrie being the focus and attention of law enforcement. We are pleading with anyone, including Brian, to share information with us on her whereabouts in the past few weeks. The lack of information from Brian is hindering this investigation. The answers will eventually come out. We will help find Gabby and we will help find anyone who may be involved in her disappearance, North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison said in a statement.

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Civility Nichole Schmidt and Joseph Petito Constabulary have named the boyfriend of Chatty Petito, a year-old woman who went missing during a couple's cross-country boulevard trip, a person of interest all the rage her disappearance. Brian Laundrie raised flags among Petito's family after he returned home to their home in North Port, Florida, with Petito's white Ford van -- but Petito was nowhere to be found. Her mother, Nichole Schmidt, last heard from her arrange Aug. Laundrie returned to Florida arrange Sept. Courtesy Nichole Schmidt and Joseph Petito Gabby Petito, 22, disappeared all through a cross-country trip with her boyfriend over the summer. The department has taken a lead in the analysis, since both parties reside there, although investigators have no information that a crime took place there, police alleged. Petito's van was recovered from the North Port home where she resided with Laundrie and his parents, although investigators are not ready to announce details from the search, North Dock Police Public Information Officer Josh Taylor told reporters in a news alliance Wednesday. A search warrant for the home has not been issued, Taylor added.


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